Group 3


Describe or list any goals for this project.

To Do

What do you still need to do? Who's going to do it?

Project Plan

  • Survey -basic outline done by 3/1 (during meeting)

Each person will give survey to 25 people and return the results to Donna by 4/6
Donna will take the results and make a chart/graph

  • Bruce will check with Ivy tech and IUN to compare programs (4/8)
  • Amanda will research how to improve the program (4/8)
  • Anna will research general recycling info (4/8)

+++ Schedule

Meeting Wednesday (4/1) Library @ 4:00

Questions, Issues, and Concerns

Who are we interviewing? Did anyone find information on where to call or go?

The Report

Here's the place to begin building your report.

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